Book Reviews 5 Stars "This is the second book I've read by this author. It was quite a departure in setting but was very well written. At first the technique of jumping back and forth in time made me hesitate as it seemed potentially confusing but with a couple of changes it really made sense. The author was able to weave several themes together this way so you got a very complete understanding of the lead character and you gradually learned about his backstory while the intense action story unfolded. A very well handled technique that could have easily gone wrong in less skillful hands.

The story itself was exciting and the main character likeable and empathetic. His actions were bold but thoughtful without those moments where you said 'oh no don't do that dumb thing'.

The supporting characters were well developed, understandable and believable.

Setting the story in 1600s Quebec Canada was great. I haven't read a lot set in that period and this story brought to life what it must have been like in those early days of European settlement in North America.

Well written, good story, good characters, interesting setting. Highly recommend, and I think I'll go back and read the first book again."
. 5 Stars "Before there was Canada or America, there was New France and New England. In the late 17th century the French and British fought for territory and riches in the new lands of North America.

On the French side, among the soldiers and the Indians fighting for their country were men called the Woods Runners. Coureur de Bois, the men who became known as Voyageurs - tough, hard-bitten adventurers who shaped the course of two countries.

I never read historical novels. So, clearly, I picked this story because of the author—not too unusual, that’s how 60% of books are chosen. I’d previously read two stories by Mr. Giguere, and they’d both been a lot of fun, but more importantly for this easily bored reader, they’d both been very different from each other and from anything I’d previously read. Woods Runner also hit home on both counts. ....

... Had the story focused closely on the historical details of the massacre and the politics of the time, I would certainly have nodded off--did I mention I never read historical fiction? Instead, I was given a fascinating glimpse into a fictionalized life of a Woods Runner as he traded ironware for pelts with the native American tribes. When this Woods Runner offered his services as a scout and unwittingly aided in the massacre, I saw the brutality and futility from his viewpoint.

I was particularly struck by how realistically the weather and terrain of what is now southern Canada was portrayed. Ever present, Mother Nature controlled the lives and actions of the humans in the story so ubiquitously that it effectively became another character in the story. I have no idea how accurate the historical details were (and I certainly don’t plan to read a history book to find out), but the authority of the writing gives me confidence that the author truly captured life in the 1600s.

This was an engaging read that kept me involved throughout and taught me some history despite myself. If you enjoy reading historical fiction, I’m certain you will enjoy this novel even more than I did."

Towards the end, tension builds and it comes into the macro-story. The reader is explained why gang members were murdered. This book is definitely suspenseful. The anticipation kept me going up until the last page. There were several points were I felt myself holding my breath. You knew something bad was going to happen, didn’t want to stop. I became engrossed with wanting to know how and understand the backstory. Another interesting aspect that I enjoyed about this book was that there wasn’t a feeling of justice. Few of the characters had true resolution. I felt like it was the end of the bloody tracks. I wish Giguere went into greater detail with the scenery and surrounding landscape. So much of the book occurs outside. It would add another level of tones to the story.

The story is based within the culture of violence. It opens a portal into the life of members of society who chose to trespass situations and take matters into their own hands. The book reminds me that sometimes you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get their mind and heart racing. Get lost on along the railroads and find yourself in the hands of the Raildogs screaming “Raildogs Rule!”.  - Carlton Rolle at Author Ingrid Hall's blog

Amazon 5 Stars "It is rare that you get a complete set of 3 dimensional characters from the leads to support, but that is exactly what you get with this book. I love a good adventure but this one surpassed any hope with the strong characters. On top of that the plot just keeps on giving. The book effortlessly shifts between current time and 1883 when the Chinese were building the railroad system in Canada. This is a don't put it down book!" 5 Stars "I liked the fast pace of the action tempered with good character development of the main characters. Background history of the characters was well handled and merged smoothly into the present day action. The background gave depth and realism to the action, even engendering some sympathy for the 'bad' guys as they lived out their destiny. It is quite a feat to tie together the diverse stories (time, geography and culture) and run them into a current fast paced thrilling story. With some personal exposure to this area of the world the locale seemed well rendered. I'm not quite as confident about the realism of the quick animal bonding and resultant paybacks but it sure made for several exciting scenes. Overall a great story and I went on to look up Endpoint one of the authors other books." 5 Stars "I thought the book was amazing. It's plot was spot on and the characters were a blast to imagine in my mind. The twist in the book were nicely laid out and made for such an exciting read. I look forward to reading it again at the beach while on vacation, so I give this one of my top five reads. This book is a much pass onto a friend for enjoyment." 5 Stars "Lately I'm very into thriller/suspense novels, and now that I've been through  most of the "established" authors in the genre I'm always on the look-out for fresh new voices. Rejean Giguere, with his novel "Endpoint," is one of those voices. This novel is fast-paced and held my attention to the point that I finished it in just two sittings." 5 Stars "This is such a great book, it had me hooked right in within the first few pages; as soon as the fight started I knew that this story was going to take me on one hell of a ride and the suspense kept up the whole way throughout - never lacking in entertainment. The author makes good use of incorporating all the elements that make a good thriller but there's also some twists that are original to the genre and really make the book very entertaining. I liked all the characters, the good and the bad ones; I especially liked Ivan, the Russian criminal and how his role played into the story. I don't want to give away any spoilers, because I think a part of what makes this book so good is the mystery with more questions than answers. Definitely one of the best books I've read all year, I highly recommend it 5 Stars "I was on the edge of my seat, I knew that there was something off about Chantal and Gary, but honestly couldn't piece it together. The ending answers all my questions but leaves me wondering just a little bit, which makes me think there may be another novel. Overall, 5/5, I hope the author writes a sequel!" 5 Stars "...Franklin Asylum is a very gripping, suspensful thriller. Seen through the eyes of young Danny as he navigates Franklin Asylum. After tragicly losing his family, Danny checks himself in just needing to get a little time to recover. The only thing left to decide is, was that the right thing to do or was it the biggest mistake of his life? Franklin Asylum interesting group of characters that you meet along the way. Franklin Asylum is a book I thoroughly enjoied reading. I have read through twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time around." 5 Stars "I couldn't stop reading !! Love the the way the aurthor wrote and ended this story :) 2 thumbs up" 5 Stars "After his family is killed, young Danny checks himself in to an asylum, thinking time away from everyday life will do him some good. This story is good throughout however more than halfway through, a murder takes place which ups the pace. Journey with Danny as he meets crazies, and discover who just might be the creepiest. Gotta love the unexpected ending." 5 Stars "Captivating. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Thoroughly engaging. Excellent plot with just the right amount of mystery and psychological torment tossed into the mix."

Goodreads & - 5 Stars
... Before I knew it the book was over. I couldn't help but wonder where the time had gone. The book has all the makings of a manly man book. Fast cars, war planes, action and even a little romance. Okay, so the romance and magic part might be more for the ladies, but that is great because this is one of those versatile books that a man or woman would enjoy. ...

Praise for Merlin 444

- Rejean Giguere, a very talented up and coming author, well worth following! Outstanding read! Just finished it mate, and loved every page! Congratulations
on a terrific book! -K. in London, England

Great Story, Lots of Action - 5 stars

I will admit I am not fond of books that are more about the details and less about the action. This book has enough details to know what is going on but the author doesn't get caught up in the details. This I like. So I loved this story, it's not a long book but it doesn't need to be. It is well written and edited.
John @ Amazon

This was a fantastic novella. - 5 Stars

I'll be honest: as a rule I tend to avoid stories that tend toward the supernatural. However, I might be seriously tempted to change my mind about that, if more of these works were as well-crafted as DreamWeaver is. Giguere expertly maintains the atmosphere of menace in these pages, an atmosphere that is both created and sustained by his eye for evocative setting and detail, which escalates the level of peril from mere physical danger to something much more profound and disturbing.

The novella begins with the news that the hero's sister has gone missing while teaching in VietNam. However, the plot quickly develops into something other than your basic search-and-rescue story, as he is forced to fall back on the intervention of a mystic. From there, the novella takes a much darker, and somewhat gruesome, turn...

All in all, DreamWeaver was an exceptional story, by one of the most talented new writers I have encountered in years. Highly recommended... just don't read it right before bedtime! 

- Pat - Goodreads

5 Stars
Rejean Giguere has created an unforgettable page turner with DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver maintains an atmosphere of menace throughout its pages, bringing with it a high level of intensity. Most people will quickly answer "Anything" when asked how far they would go or what they would do to get a loved one back. The problem is even with that answer we still have our limits. Meet main character Zeke Jackson who is asked just that when his sister disappears from Vietnam without a trace. DreamWeaver follows Zeke Jackson on his journey to find his sister, a journey that will test his ability to maintain endurance and perseverance. This is a short book packed with so much you'll find it hard to put down. Rejean Giguere's DreamWeaver leaves readers stunned and wanting more at the end of the book.

- Kristen - Amazon

Very Entertaining Short Novel - 4 Stars
Very happy I chose to read is different than anything I've read for a long time! The writing was succinct, engaging my interest through the action and mysticism; no slowness or wasted words to speak of. This is a complete stand-alone story: no loose ends, nothing left unexplained, and no teasing of mysteries left unsolved until a sequel. Although I would not mind reading more about the main character, it seems like we have been surrounded by series! I recommend this to anyone looking for a concise, intriguing read. I will look for more by this author. - Barnes & Noble

Dream Weaver Review - 4 Stars
Have you ever really considered what extent you would go to save the life of someone you love? Most people would probably be quick to declare “Anything” without hesitation, but it is a question that deserves further thought. Perhaps this is something that most of us would rather not think about, but DreamWeaver applies the extremes in the story of a cold case entwined with an international twist.

Zeke Jackson’s sister has disappeared from Southeast Asia, and he embarks upon a search to find her. His search leads him to South Africa where he seeks help from the DreamWeaver. Unbeknownst to him, the journey ahead is one that will test his ability to maintain endurance and perseverance. You see this young, risk-adverse man being thrust into situations of which he has no prior experience or former bearing. As he advances on his journey, he realizes the need to move past the hounding stereotypes and obstacles to focus on rescuing his sister.

Overall, DreamWeaver is a tantalizing mix of danger, violence, mysticism and love - the ingredients that make an exciting journey from start to finish.

-Ty Summers, Goodreads

DreamWeaver Review - 4 Stars
This book is a provocative, stimulating, mind blowing story of what one would do to save someone they love.  The character tries all avenues of seeking a resolution to locating his missing sister, who was kidnapped in a foreign land.  After all of his attempts to find her are exhausted he is about to surrender hope and abandon the search. Then he receives a cryptic email that sends him on a surreal journey into the mysterious voodoo culture and mystics. 

This book is short but packed with details and at times should be almost rated x rated for mature audiences.  It has graphic details, steamy lustful scenes and primitive trappings.  He is stripped of all human essence to evolve to the primitive state of animal instinct.  He has to prepare himself to journey into the deeper strange jungles at his last desperate attempt to join heart and soul with his sister. He sacrifices anything, "anything" to bond with his loved one again. This book is a powerful heart wrenching tale about human love and the boundaries which need to be broken to surrender to defeat or hope.

It is worth the time to explore this author's writings.  4 stars