Thursday, 7 July 2011

Twelve Year Old with Gun

Reading the paper, and a story about this kid arrested with a gun. He's twelve, and the gun was wrapped in his PJ's, hidden under some video games in a basket or box.

None of the particulars matter, its the absolute absurdity, that makes me shake my head. I don't even care to know the story.

Asked to hold it for a gang banger? is a gang banger? Bought it? Found it? Wanted to check it out? was going to sell it? Who cares?

I guess times, "they are a changing" because we sure as hell didn't "carry" when we were kids, that was twenty years ago. What the hell kind of environment creates this scenario? Crime? Parents? Schools? Cities?

Can't imagine twelve year old kids in another twenty years from now, children of the group that grows up like this guy, living on their own and running prostitution rings? New reform systems for the "really under age"? A ten year old serial killer?

Someone better get a handle on something, their children, the law, or reality.

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