Saturday, 2 July 2011

Canada's Womens Soccer Team

Well first, I think it's good the team is ranked in the top ten and yes I believe it's easier for the women than the men as far as the competition levels and numbers of players and caliber they face.

Second, I believe this team had potential and might have a chance to do something. Like a lot of Canadians I didn't do much background and never realized they were in the same group with Germany. Germany! Now there's a team. Never defeated in a first game of the world cup. Never. And of course the eventual winners of the last world cup.

Anyways that game was their tournament. They played well enough to get attempts but couldn't get anything home. Still a 2-1 loss was a good showing against the Germans. Sinclair's broken nose was unfortunate and although she played again, we'll never know if it bothered her. Either way they were under extra pressure now, down a game.

Its also unfortunate that a tournament like this doesn't come yearly, and as much as you want to win everything, you need to gear up for and pace for the big ones. They seemed to have a good lead up to this tournament but looked slow and a little sluggish in the France game to me. Considering the offensive side I liked about them, this was a bad time to slow down. 

Both the men's and women's teams need to find a little Canadian heart and soul, that grit and determination we see in other sports. Dive in front of the ball and block it, take a yellow card and lay the guy out, sending a message, or find a Gretzky or Lemieux and launch breakaways all day.

Mostly they need to be able to deliver, especially at the big ones.

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