Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wildlife encounters

On the trip up north last week to Terrace Bay, Ontario, we had a continuous stream of wildlife sightings.

Day 1 (going north)  3 Moose, 4 bears.

Day 2 (early morning golf) watched and heard a bald eagle dive on, and attack, another bald eagle. They turned their claws at each other and struck. As they disappeared over the tree line one of them was squealing.
Day 2 (dusk) saw foxes working a road kill and wandering down the road side with chunks of meat hanging from their mouth.

Day 3 (morning) saw a lone deer, first I've ever up that far north (been told they're moving north and I guess that's proof).
Day 3 (Afternoon) strange as it sounds, came up on a white owl (looked like a hawk) cruising the roadside and we slowed down to his speed, cruising side by side for a nice stretch.

Day 4 saw a few moose and a four month old Alaskan malamute that was a big 100 pounds. The owner just put down his old dog who was 180! Not wildlife, but he might as well be.

Day 5 (coming back south) 4 more moose, 6 bear.

Gotta love it. Here's a few photos and a video.

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