Thursday, 30 June 2011

You Knew Someone Would Regret It.

While I was watching the Vancouver riots, seeing all those regular looking folks running around making idiots of themselves, I knew someone was going to regret it.

Recently it turned out that one of the most publicized people, a guy in a Vancouver shirt shown trying to light a cop car on fire, was an Olympic hopeful in rowing, I knew that was the guy.

People are saying he shouldn't represent Canada, or be on our team. Interesting question. He wouldn't be on any team I was responsible for. His actions show a lack of respect in human decency and a total lack of morals. lt's a good thing that crowd wasn't directing the riot at houses, because this idiot might have tried lighting one of those up instead of a car.

Talk about blowing it. Sponsorship is a huge part of the Olympic process, and I don't know about you, but this isn't where my money would go. Money and sponsorship being a big part of keeping a dream alive, this guy sure could have been thinking a little more. 

Nice addition to his resume.

Running On Water!

Have you ever tried running on water?

Me neither, but I've seen a few guys doing a pretty good job of it. It looks like some kind of new sport.

This new "catch it on video" past time is a blast to watch. I don't mean the guys running across the covers of their pools. I mean the real running on water.

I've skipped rocks for twelve, thirteen skips but this guy's good, he gets almost that many steps on the water.

Check out the video and good luck trying this one out.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Book On Its Way

You've probably read a few of my comments lately about some short stories I've been writing, and a new book that's on its way. I put aside the writing and editing today to put together the cover. Expect 'The Workman' in July.

Facebook comments on DreamWeaver

Wow, just had some comments on my book DreamWeaver from a reader.

Hi, I checked it out, yes enthralling, exciting, strange, mind blowing, still trying to capture the essence of this unique thriller, will be back with review. Thank you for the opportunity to read something totally surreal. Definitely an escape from reality and stimulating reading right before bed. Watching the Simpsons to relax my mind, still twisted into the story. Pleasant dreams and good night. Thanks again. Susan on Facebook.

Friday, 24 June 2011

New Video Story

I'm having a great time learning how to do videos so that I can record some more of my short stories for you. A Man and His Castle was the first one. Drop Phone is even better. I've figured out how to add titles, book covers and captions.

Check out the Video Story page for Drop Phone, a short story from Dark Choices.

More video stories to come from The Sportsman, and my new book of short stories The Workman, which is going to production soon.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bike and Vette

Had a few questions asked about them so here's a few pictures.

72 Vette 406 small block manual 

2004 VMAX 1200

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wildlife encounters

On the trip up north last week to Terrace Bay, Ontario, we had a continuous stream of wildlife sightings.

Day 1 (going north)  3 Moose, 4 bears.

Day 2 (early morning golf) watched and heard a bald eagle dive on, and attack, another bald eagle. They turned their claws at each other and struck. As they disappeared over the tree line one of them was squealing.
Day 2 (dusk) saw foxes working a road kill and wandering down the road side with chunks of meat hanging from their mouth.

Day 3 (morning) saw a lone deer, first I've ever up that far north (been told they're moving north and I guess that's proof).
Day 3 (Afternoon) strange as it sounds, came up on a white owl (looked like a hawk) cruising the roadside and we slowed down to his speed, cruising side by side for a nice stretch.

Day 4 saw a few moose and a four month old Alaskan malamute that was a big 100 pounds. The owner just put down his old dog who was 180! Not wildlife, but he might as well be.

Day 5 (coming back south) 4 more moose, 6 bear.

Gotta love it. Here's a few photos and a video.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fishing the Aguasabon River, Terrace Bay Ontario.

I was up north for the past week. Tried out the Aguasabon River while I was there. Fished the mouth and worked my way 20 miles up. It's a river that empties into a series of small lakes as it goes. Only did the bottom end, but the river goes on for miles. There are pickerel and pike and rainbow and specks, and who knows what else.

I only got Pike, lost a few up-river, but landed this nice one in the morning fog, off the dock. 

Here's some pictures of the river, and the fish.


Fishing the Maitland River

Another year on the Maitland. Love the Rainbow running in the spring and then the big Bass.

Here's a few pictures.