Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The 72 Vette

Spring time,

Back in a hot rod after a number of years. Forgot what it feels like to feel the four barrels kick in. The bored out 400 small block, now a 406 stroker is running just fine.

Had the T roof off today, first time this spring, awesome.

Lets not talk about the gas used or my hair that's wind blown straight back and stuck there. These are problems I can deal with.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fishing Season!

One week into fishing season and its been great.

Maitland River, Huron County, Ontario. The river is high and the rain this spring has been frequent enough to keep it there, but its still "Fish On".

Landed a nice 4 pound rainbow the other day, lost a much bigger one that rolled in the rapids and broke the line off.

The bass I keep letting go are all above average size, the river is full of them. Saw a Bald Eagle yesterday.

I usually fished in the Meaford area and on Georgian Bay, but the last few seasons have been on the Maitland. Its such a long river, winding through farm land, I almost never see another fisherman. Now I just need the water levels to come down so I can get into the nice holes behind the rapids.

When you're on the river alone does anybody hear you say "Fish On"?