Saturday, 16 April 2011

What Do You Call That?

I like to golf, I get out there and bang the ball around. I usually take one more stroke than is expected on each hole which is called a bogey. Sometimes two extra which is called a double bogey.
What I never want to see is an 8, two little circles on top of each other, which we call a snowman.
That never looks good on the card, wrecks havoc on the score, and is always hard to come back from.

So I was amazed to see a professional golfer get a 16 on a hole that should have taken 4 the other day in a professional tournament. I got to thinking, what do you call that?

One over is a bogey
Two over is a double bogey, three a triple, four a quad, five a quint, six a sext, seven a sept, eight an oct and nine a ????????
I don't know what's next, nor for ten or above so again what is 16?

When i realized it was a double snowman I cringed, imagine how that would look on the card ! Two 8"s for one hole.

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