Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where's My Money Going?

We all pay taxes adding up to billions. I've always wondered, where does it all go? We know there's schools, roads, maintenance, future planning and a bag full of other areas you would expect the money to go to.

Then every once in a while we hear about some million going to a feasibility study for this and that, or some art project or sports team which just makes us shake our head.

The recent campaign by the Harper government to show us the things he has spent money on, advertising completed projects or initiatives, at a ridiculous cost, is an absurd waste of money. My money.

I don't think this should be allowed. My money should be used for essential services and stuff that is relevant to moving forward and improvement. If there was a box on some form asking if they could use my money for self promotion and to pump their political party I'm sure I would of said NO.

Imagine if businesses put millions into glossy reports of past results instead of into sales development and product production and improvement. There is an expectation that the government is using some kind of common sense with our money, has some kind of responsibility.

As usual it makes me wonder what other boondoggles are going on just below the surface, just deep enough so my money disappears from sight.

Wait a minute, there are businesses like this, investment firms. They send you glossy reports every six months or whenever you want. They try to show your investment growth as fancy as possible and keep you interested and keep your business.

Well investment firms know I have a choice of who manages my money. Maybe Harper should be thinking it's the same with my taxes. 

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