Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Online Robots

I put $20.00 in an online account a year ago and did it again just two months ago to take a chance at online poker.
I don't play enough to have big expectations but like getting into some $2.00 tournaments every once in a while. Its entertainment mostly. The twenty bucks I won one time was a bonus.

The story that caught my attention was about online gambling sites getting taken by robot programmes. Guys would sign on and then start a program that would play in their place. They would have the same program playing every game possible. The program was working on the mathematical odds of every hand and other than with bluffs would make all the right moves. Awesome.

At least the idea is anyways, bad for poker though and gambling sites. I like knowing its a person I'm playing but it does raise some questions, especially like, where else could this be going on?

Do bidding sites throw in a program to keep the bidding on the rise. Vacations, cars, auctions, ebay etc.

Is it just poker for all the online gamblers, how about bingo, roulette and slots.

I let you think of somewhere else.

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