Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear reactors are something we live with and I personally haven't paid much attention to. I live within fifty km's of one and was thinking about it today.

The one in Russia that melted down was an accident or result of bad design and the damage is still unclear many years later. The zone set aside and considered uninhabitable still exists today, it surrounding the site and other contaminated areas. In places it's sixty miles wide
The reactor unfortunately close to meltdown in Japan was of good construction and damaged by nature.
This should raise questions about others and their risk to natural causes. Especially if we continue to see mass upheaval of the oceans, volcanoes, flooding and whatever else comes our way.

I don't imagine any of them are engineered or built to withstand the ground moving underneath them but they will have think about this going forward. But back to my reactor.

I have never seen any literature about the reactor or anything from it and wonder why. This close there should be something coming yearly with I don't know what in it, but something. Or am i to assume if there's a problem there's nothing I can do, To close, so therefore don't bother.

How far do you move away from one to really be sure that with wind and days of spreading a disaster won't get you.  A little over the top? Give it another ten or twenty years and get back to me.

I feel extremely for the people of this tragedy, wish them all the help they need, and that things get somehow better and not worse from here.

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