Saturday, 19 March 2011

Nothing like another chance

Reading about this guy Bruce Carson and the investigation by the RCMP.

Here's a guy who did time for taking law firm money and managed to come back from that and work for three Premiers, Mulroney, Clark and Harper. How he got into those positions is beyond me, it might be a comment on who those premiers were willing to work with more than anything.

The fact Harper distanced himself as soon as he took power says another think. I want your help when I'm in the opposition and need someone to get dirty and dig up support but don't want you around now that I'm in the lime light. 

Now this guy is trying to take care of some babe and using his political ties to influence deals and contracts. He tried to get it that every sale done between these two companies would result in a 20% cut going to the babe because they had her name inserted into the ownership or some other scam, it doesn't matter which scam, just that they're doing one.

How many contracts out there have cuts going to people for the wrong reasons. Really makes you wonder. 

Nothing like another look at the men behind the scene.  

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