Monday, 21 March 2011

March Madness

Every year there's an upset team or feel good story to latch on to.

That's what I love about this tournament. I don't watch any college basketball during the year just some of this one when it comes around.

This year the Texas team with the two guys from Canada was one of them stories for me. The way they got eliminated was rough.

The Canadian named Joseph has to inbound with 11 seconds left under his basket, the teams up by 2 points. All they have to do is inbound the ball to anyone and then probably get fouled. Go to the line and end up ahead by 3 or 4, or at the least be up by 2 when the other team gets the ball back with around 5 or 6 seconds left. An excellent place to be.

For some reason and I assume it's because Joseph wanted to put into the right guys hands on the inbound, someone who would be good at the free throw line, he wasted time trying to find the right guy. realizing he was going to run out of time he goes for a time out and makes the time out signal with his hands.

The replays then and on the news later, in slow motion, show he made the signal at 3.9 seconds. The ref never acknowledged it and called a foul for going over a 5 second rule for time you have to get it in play.
Probably a really bad call. Two things Joseph is stuck thinking about.

Should have inbounded to anyone, they were2 points ahead and wanted to waste the clock, they also knew they would be fouled.
If he'd of known that the ref would not give him the timeout and felt no one was open, he should of air balled it over the group and let it bounce to the other end, anywhere, instead disaster.

The other team gets the ball and goes in and scores 2 to tie and it should of ended there and been overtime. But the guy got fouled himself on the way in, went to the line, and put it away. 2 seconds left.

End of a nice story.  

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