Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where's My Money Going?

We all pay taxes adding up to billions. I've always wondered, where does it all go? We know there's schools, roads, maintenance, future planning and a bag full of other areas you would expect the money to go to.

Then every once in a while we hear about some million going to a feasibility study for this and that, or some art project or sports team which just makes us shake our head.

The recent campaign by the Harper government to show us the things he has spent money on, advertising completed projects or initiatives, at a ridiculous cost, is an absurd waste of money. My money.

I don't think this should be allowed. My money should be used for essential services and stuff that is relevant to moving forward and improvement. If there was a box on some form asking if they could use my money for self promotion and to pump their political party I'm sure I would of said NO.

Imagine if businesses put millions into glossy reports of past results instead of into sales development and product production and improvement. There is an expectation that the government is using some kind of common sense with our money, has some kind of responsibility.

As usual it makes me wonder what other boondoggles are going on just below the surface, just deep enough so my money disappears from sight.

Wait a minute, there are businesses like this, investment firms. They send you glossy reports every six months or whenever you want. They try to show your investment growth as fancy as possible and keep you interested and keep your business.

Well investment firms know I have a choice of who manages my money. Maybe Harper should be thinking it's the same with my taxes. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Online Robots

I put $20.00 in an online account a year ago and did it again just two months ago to take a chance at online poker.
I don't play enough to have big expectations but like getting into some $2.00 tournaments every once in a while. Its entertainment mostly. The twenty bucks I won one time was a bonus.

The story that caught my attention was about online gambling sites getting taken by robot programmes. Guys would sign on and then start a program that would play in their place. They would have the same program playing every game possible. The program was working on the mathematical odds of every hand and other than with bluffs would make all the right moves. Awesome.

At least the idea is anyways, bad for poker though and gambling sites. I like knowing its a person I'm playing but it does raise some questions, especially like, where else could this be going on?

Do bidding sites throw in a program to keep the bidding on the rise. Vacations, cars, auctions, ebay etc.

Is it just poker for all the online gamblers, how about bingo, roulette and slots.

I let you think of somewhere else.

Monday, 21 March 2011

March Madness

Every year there's an upset team or feel good story to latch on to.

That's what I love about this tournament. I don't watch any college basketball during the year just some of this one when it comes around.

This year the Texas team with the two guys from Canada was one of them stories for me. The way they got eliminated was rough.

The Canadian named Joseph has to inbound with 11 seconds left under his basket, the teams up by 2 points. All they have to do is inbound the ball to anyone and then probably get fouled. Go to the line and end up ahead by 3 or 4, or at the least be up by 2 when the other team gets the ball back with around 5 or 6 seconds left. An excellent place to be.

For some reason and I assume it's because Joseph wanted to put into the right guys hands on the inbound, someone who would be good at the free throw line, he wasted time trying to find the right guy. realizing he was going to run out of time he goes for a time out and makes the time out signal with his hands.

The replays then and on the news later, in slow motion, show he made the signal at 3.9 seconds. The ref never acknowledged it and called a foul for going over a 5 second rule for time you have to get it in play.
Probably a really bad call. Two things Joseph is stuck thinking about.

Should have inbounded to anyone, they were2 points ahead and wanted to waste the clock, they also knew they would be fouled.
If he'd of known that the ref would not give him the timeout and felt no one was open, he should of air balled it over the group and let it bounce to the other end, anywhere, instead disaster.

The other team gets the ball and goes in and scores 2 to tie and it should of ended there and been overtime. But the guy got fouled himself on the way in, went to the line, and put it away. 2 seconds left.

End of a nice story.  

Gotta see video

Not my type of music, but a really good laugh.
The guy does this Jackson one and also does a YMCA that's funny too.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Book Update

Dream Weaver is close to wrapping up! A bizarre tale of the occult taking place with Zeke using all measures to find his sister. Set against the back drop of NewYork's Bronx,  the shanty towns of South Africa and the deep jungles of South East Asia.

March Madness

Gotta love it! same time every year, games down to the wire and upsets. Half the games I've watched were close or down to the last shot.

Something about watching these guys who are still amateurs, and not getting a cent, playing for everything and laying it on the line.The stage is there for someone to step up and someone always does.

The two guys from the GTA who are at Texas are winning and looking pretty good.
Nothing like dreams being made and broken.

Nothing like another chance

Reading about this guy Bruce Carson and the investigation by the RCMP.

Here's a guy who did time for taking law firm money and managed to come back from that and work for three Premiers, Mulroney, Clark and Harper. How he got into those positions is beyond me, it might be a comment on who those premiers were willing to work with more than anything.

The fact Harper distanced himself as soon as he took power says another think. I want your help when I'm in the opposition and need someone to get dirty and dig up support but don't want you around now that I'm in the lime light. 

Now this guy is trying to take care of some babe and using his political ties to influence deals and contracts. He tried to get it that every sale done between these two companies would result in a 20% cut going to the babe because they had her name inserted into the ownership or some other scam, it doesn't matter which scam, just that they're doing one.

How many contracts out there have cuts going to people for the wrong reasons. Really makes you wonder. 

Nothing like another look at the men behind the scene.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

On a More Positive Note

The tragedy is enormous and there is much to be sad for with this disaster that has come to Japan.

The survivors and tales of rescue are hope in the midst of it all. The story and picture in the Sun newspaper showing the Japanese navy rowing up to  a senior citizen, a gentleman who had been washed 15 km's out to sea was remarkable. They found him floating on a piece of building or house wall or piece of roof.

Anyways the man seems defiant and strong willed. Ready to go many more days if necessary, stick in hand planted beside him and a material on his head covering him from the sun. Hope there are hundreds more of these miracles.

Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear reactors are something we live with and I personally haven't paid much attention to. I live within fifty km's of one and was thinking about it today.

The one in Russia that melted down was an accident or result of bad design and the damage is still unclear many years later. The zone set aside and considered uninhabitable still exists today, it surrounding the site and other contaminated areas. In places it's sixty miles wide
The reactor unfortunately close to meltdown in Japan was of good construction and damaged by nature.
This should raise questions about others and their risk to natural causes. Especially if we continue to see mass upheaval of the oceans, volcanoes, flooding and whatever else comes our way.

I don't imagine any of them are engineered or built to withstand the ground moving underneath them but they will have think about this going forward. But back to my reactor.

I have never seen any literature about the reactor or anything from it and wonder why. This close there should be something coming yearly with I don't know what in it, but something. Or am i to assume if there's a problem there's nothing I can do, To close, so therefore don't bother.

How far do you move away from one to really be sure that with wind and days of spreading a disaster won't get you.  A little over the top? Give it another ten or twenty years and get back to me.

I feel extremely for the people of this tragedy, wish them all the help they need, and that things get somehow better and not worse from here.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

You Got To Wonder

Is it spring yet? and I thought you said this was the best way!
It is, I know where I'm going, there's a green field here somewhere. Nothing like a back seat driver.

The State of Hockey

The coverage is endless and the state of the game in question. Injuries, concussions and head shots. Where does it come from and how do we fix it?

I actually heard these guys on the radio saying they'd like to see it go back to the clutch and grab of that we finally just got rid of. They said its slower and has no injuries. Ya well its boring as hell and promotes more 3rd and 4th liners instead of play making stars.

Some say it's the size and speed of the game today. Ya I agree they're big and fast but not that that's the problem.

There are two solutions here that I would have no problem with.
First, the grassroots level training and coaching has to move away from the "finish your check" concept. When I was playing the game the hits were in pursuit  of the puck and a level of control was required to be in position to capitalize on the loose puck. Open ice hits usually were chest to chest or with a hip. A lot of the hits today were interference back then as they continue into someone who no longer has the puck and finish that check.
Second, the equipment is a factor. In the old days and we see pictures of the thin pads and no helmets, guys only went as fast as they could afford to based on running into the boards and not wanting to get hurt. The equipment offered some protection but not enough and so the contact with boards or players was expected but taken into all considerations. Now its rock hard molded plastic, reinforced and stronger than boards. Definitely stronger than bones. Guys will still slam each other, they do in other sports like rugby but lets set aside the sports manufacturers and millions in sales. Lets put some 1920's shin pads and shoulder pads on these guys, give them a good helmet for errant shots(which only makes sense) and let them loose. They won't want to go quite so crazy on each other or even tangle with the boards as much. 

That might just speed up the game!    

Welcome to the Blog

Hello there,

Just like a number of people I have an opinion on some things. I plan to express those ideas, opinions and observations in the blog.
The topics will vary but there getting my attention some how. Feel free to comment.
Springs here, have a good one and blue skies.